New Zealand Industrial Safety Experts:

A proactive approach to preventing incidents in your workplace is always better than a reactive one. Industrial Fire Rescue work with  you to prevent workplace emergencies, by reviewing your existing health & safety procedures and developing a strategy to implement robust safety systems that ensure your staff go home healthy and safe everyday. 


If you are a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) you have a duty of care to all persons in and around your workplace and anyone who may be affected by the work that you or your staff do, in fact the PCBU holds the primary duty of care and that duty is non-transferable.

Our professional staff have years of experience applying their in depth knowledge of the Health & Safety  at Work Act to the workplace, we work with everything from small offices to large manufacturing facilities, each one presenting its own unique hazards and challenges.

Our Safety Services:

  • Confined Space entry training

  • Permit to work training

  • Hazard identification training

  • Lock out tag out training

  • Asbestos awareness training

  • HSWA Q&A seminar

  • Chemical safety training

  • Manual handling training

  • Atmospheric testing training

  • Fire warden training

  • Fire extinguisher training

  • Respiratory protection training

  • Safety consultancy services

  • SOP review and development

  • Permit to work review and development

  • Emergency procedure development

  • Training matrix development

  • PPE sourcing and advice

  • High risk task assistance and advice

  • Hazard identification and risk assessments

  • Permit to work documents

  • Health and safety policies

  • Chemical registers development

  • Hazard registers development

Helpful Links:

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Get technical advice over the phone from one of our expert advisers.

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