Establish an Emergency Response Team:
If you're considering establishing an onsite emergency response team, Industrial Fire Rescue can help, get guidance from experienced industrial firefighters and ensure your teams success.

We can assist with everything from the recruiting process, sourcing resources, developing procedures, training crew and providing a comprehensive operational readiness report. We will work with you to ensure your team is correctly staffed, trained and equipped to meet your business emergency needs.

There are endless options available and no two teams are the same, call us today to discuss how we can help ensure your team is right for your site.
Training and Review of Existing Teams:

Already have an existing team and want an independent review of their operational readiness? Or are you looking to refresh existing skills? 

Industrial Fire Rescue conducts  in depth comprehensive reviews of Emergency Response Teams and Industrial Fire Brigades operational readiness, including equipment, response, capability, procedures, crew dynamics and skill fade.

With a wide range of courses available from recruit to technical rescue training we can ensure your staff gain the necessary skills to effectively and safely manage even the most technically demanding emergencies.

All courses are tailored to your teams specific capabilities and equipment.

Outsource Your Emergency Response:

If you're looking for a full time, onsite Emergency Response Team then we can help, By contracting this service to Industrial Fire Rescue you are guaranteed to receive professional industrial firefighters that provide 24/7 protection to your people and assets.

With a wide range of services available our onsite teams provide more than just emergency response, we assist in accident investigations, injury prevention programs, medical response, staff training, site security and much more.

Many organisations throughout the world choose this option, leaving the responsibility of emergency response in the hands of seasoned professionals so that you can concentrate on the important things, like running your business.

Recognised Industrial Fire Brigades:

Under section 70 of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017, The owner or occupier of any industrial premise protected by an industrial brigade may enter into an agreement with FENZ that sets out the services FENZ will provide to the industrial premise, and the services the industrial premise will provide to FENZ.


These services can include, training from FENZ instructors, access to recognised courses, use of FENZ policies and manuals, response by the brigade outside of the immediate premise and much more. 

Although it is completely optional for private emergency response teams to sign any agreement with Fire and Emergency New Zealand, doing so can be very rewarding for the brigade. If you're interested in becoming a recognised industrial fire brigade, Industrial Fire Recuse can help.

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